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What is Centrifugal (spin) Rubber Mould Casting.

At Definition Casters we proudly utilize the latest and greatest technologies, while centrifugal casting is definitly not one of the latest technoligies it may fall under one of the greatest time proven ways to mass produce large or small quantities of high quality metal components, recreating superfine detail from pure silicon rubber disks spun in a casting machine. Centrifugal (spin) casting liquid metal is introduced into a rotating rubber mould so that metal that is poured gets thrown to the outer surface areas of the mould cavity. The metal then cools and solidifies in the mould. this can take from 20 seconds to a couple of minuites depending on the size of the objects being spun.

Spin Rubber Mould Casting (SRMC) or spin casting, is a method of using centrifugal force to produce relatively small castings from a rubber disc shaped mould. Typically, this disc shaped mould is spun on a central axis at a set RPM speed. The casting material, usually molten white metals, zinc alloys or even liquid thermo plastics are then poured in through a center opening at the top of the mould. The filled mould then continues to spin as the metal solidifies or the thermo plastics set.

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