At Definition Casters we pride ourselves on using the latest technologies to produce our custom belt buckles, sports medals, promotional badges and pins, taking our manufacturing process to a whole new level.

In days gone by we used a photo etching machine and a very slow hand carving process for any 3 dimentional master die, you might imagine this a very slow process and maybe not a perfect system, now the 3D carving is done on the computer and sent to the 3D printer, a couple of hours later the completed master die is delivered from the printer. While this sounds simple and easy, it is'nt really, of course there is quite a bit more to the process, but at least we have a lot more control with finer detail bls blaproduced.
3D printing processes were not available just a couple of years ago. 3D printing is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century and we love this process. It allows us to build masters dies like never before.
Liquid thermostat resin is loaded in a vat and the digital instructions are loaded into the printer. SLA printers produce incredibly high resolution 3D prints Liquid resin which is pomorized into a solid by UV light to construct 3D prints, technology know as DLP or Direct light processing. Our 3D printers will print at 1/40th of a millimeter, perfect for printing masters and prototypes of miniature models, jewelry prototypes If you would like us to print in 3d bla bla

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